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Communication is the very foundation of society. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences, the first college of its kind, pushes the boundaries of communication research and teaching to improve lives and promote democratic values. We prepare tomorrow's global communicators to solve real problems throughout the world. We produce and share timeless knowledge that transcends the message and the medium by focusing on how humans communicate effectively with whatever tools may be at hand. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences searches for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. Our classrooms reach beyond the traditional four walls to embrace the entire world. Working side by side, our students and faculty discover and explore the next communication frontier.

The purposes of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences are:

  1. To give its students a clear understanding of the role of communications media in society.
  2. To educate its students in greater depth in one or more of the specialized areas within the College.
  3. To conduct communications research and creative activities, and to use the results for the benefit of society.
  4. To offer all students in the university the opportunity to learn and apply the processes and techniques of communication.

The college includes the departments of

Through them, programs are offered leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Undergraduate students may complete an additional major. The courses taken by the students in additional major programs are expected to be those which will best provide training to prepare the students to meet their desired career goals.

The program of courses taken for a major in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences or in any department of the college will be established through a contract developed by the student and the advisor in the college.

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